You’ll find our research publications in refereed journals and with professional publishers on ResearchGate.
Our ORCID-ID is 0000-0002-6914-4964.

Activities in physics started in theoretical particle physics at intermediate energies, and we were led to classical topics as well as various mathematical concepts in quantum physics and quantum field theory, especially with respect to gauge theories.

Our physical and mathematical pathway – based on symmetries and invariant theory – followed algebra and group theory as well as differential geometry and Geometric Analysis to find a substantial and common nucleus in projective geometry and certain concepts of line geometry.

Right from first activities in human medicine, we were asked in various contexts to provide mathematical support and apply mathematical and physical concepts. Besides appropriate data modelling and data processing, the quest for complex algorithms and application of coupled system-concepts became relevant. Typical examples comprise methods and calculations related to drug, nutrition and infusion management at ICUs and IMC-units, genetic research projects as well as software modelling and processing of clinical data.

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